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My family and I have always struggled with our weight we never had a problem with that until the health risks became apparent and problematic. By that time one of us had already had an irreversible surgery that they still regret and another was found to be prediabetic. This is when we started to take dieting seriously, no more slacking or excessive cheat days, just the diet. If anyone wants results you need commitment and a good amount of willpower to break your bad habits. Follow any of the diets listed and you will get results plain and simple. I myself was at around 260 pounds but after a single year of strict keto I was down to 187 pounds, the rest of my family also has similar results based on how closely they followed their respective diets. My recipes will make any of these diets simple and delicious, great for beginners. I believe in these diets and really hope they help to keep you healthy.

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First of many pescatarian diet recipes.
Preheat oven to 350, season tilapia with olive oil, old bay, lemon pepper and black pepper and put into...
My keto curry and califlower rice.
Dice one onion, jalapeño, and cilantro. Mash or blend together. In a medium pan add two tablespoons of...