pesto chicken

To get started grab about ¼ pound of ground beef and season it with salt, pepper, garlic
pepper, and chili pepper, set the pan to medium on medium and add tablespoon olive oil
and worcester sauce, once halfway cooked add some sesame seeds chopped onion
and carrot cover until it’s fully cooked. on a separate pan set to medium and grab a low
carb tortilla, once it starts feeling hot flip and add your cheese of choice to half the
tortilla, on the same half add your cooked beef and some diced green onion,
mayonnaise, and sriracha. Keep on medium and flip often (low carb tortillas burn easy)
until the cheese is melted and gooey. plate and enjoy.
Thoughts: A great spin on a classic and compact meal, if you are looking for some extra
healthy fats you can also add some avocado. The burrito is full of flavor and a bit of
spice. another win for the calorie deficit diet