shrimp tacos

For a homemade sauce you might need a single-serve blender cup, or a food processor,
although finely chopping it all and mixing works too. To start add half a cup of mayonnaise, a
teaspoon of salt, a jalapeño or a serrano for extra spice, a squeezed lime, a garlic clove, and a
tablespoon cilantro, now mix or blend finely. Take out your shrimp and process them by taking
off the skins, tail bits, and by deveining them, dry out the shrimp on some paper towels then put
them in a bowl for mixing, add a tablespoon of oil. for your rub mix you are going to need a
teaspoon of garlic, chili powder, half a teaspoon of salt and pepper, and mix the rub with your
shrimp thoroughly. Add a large pan on medium heat to your stove top and add two tablespoons
of oil, wait for it to get hit then add the shrimp, make sure to keep each piece separated evenly,
cook for three minutes then flip each piece, cook for about three more minutes then check the
color on the inside, if its opaque then it’s done, in a separate pan add your low carb corn tortillas
or regular and begin to heat them up at medium heat, watch the bottom of the tortillas for
browning then flip once both sides are cooked take them out, add the shrimp, sauce, and a
squeeze of lemon then enjoy.